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The removal of graffiti becomes a much simpler and economic option when combining CIT’s protective REPELL coatings with our effective cleaning products.



With both a waterbased and solventbased REPELL coating available, the non sacrificial coatings exhibit outstanding performance in the field. REPELL coatings can be applied to concrete,masonry, plastic, timber and colourbond with amazing protective properties.

 REPELL’s outstanding performance has been demonstrated to the City of Melbourne as it protects the Rotunda in the centre of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens, Melbourne. The Rotunda was ‘tagged’ within 48 hours of REPELL Waterbased Protective Coating being applied. This offensive graffiti was impressively removed quickly, safely and easily with our effective cleaning solutions.



REPELL offers even further protection to all surfaces it is applied to. It is anti dust and grime and prevents smoke or film formations. REPELL keeps exterior coated areas looking like new for an extremely long time.



REPELL Waterbased Anti Graffiti is protecting the City of Whitehorse from odious graffiti. The Protective coating is shielding the council's SportLink Mural Wall. Should a 'tagger' attack any REPELL protected surface the graffiti can be removed quickly, safely and easily with our effective cleaning products.





We re-painted the front section of a medical practice to protect and manage continuous graffiti attacks with our solution.

REPELL colour matched Anti Graffiti Paint was used to re-paint and decorate the property. The ability to clean/remove graffiti helped in better graffiti management. 


The property suffered a graffiti attack within days after REPELL was applied.


Cleaning was organized the day following the attack. The graffiti removal process took less than 30 minutes using our REPELL wipes and cleaning solutions. Water was then used to rinse the walls.


Our systems were used to protect some public toilets in the City of Kingston Council against graffiti attacks and subsequent graffiti removal.


After REPELL was applied the public toilets were tagged within days.


The application of REPELL and the use of REPELL WIPES made the graffiti removal process quick and simple.





We also undertook a project for the City of Melbourne. The task was to develop coloured paint for a daycare centre in Kensington while also protecting the project with our anti graffiti coating.