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Environmental Care

Sherwin-Williams (Australia) is committed to ensuring its “carbon footprint” is managed effectively and minimised as much as possible. We are pleased to offer a range of water based and solvent based paint systems, which allow our end users to also gauge their impact on the environment. In addition our quality system monitors our production efficiency and waste management to ensure we remain sustainable and environmentally cautious.

Water based technology is regarded more environmentally friendly than solvent-based paints. In the past solvent based coatings have been the main category of paint used for industrial, marine and automotive applications due to being more durable, chemical resistant and rapid drying. In recent times, solvent ingredients such as toluene and xylene have been deemed problematic to the environment during manufacturing, hazardous to the applicator and a concern for air pollution. This research and further advancement in the properties and durability of water based technology is leading to a shift to water based paints. Water based coatings have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which is safer for applicators and can typically be disposed as non-hazardous waste when following appropriate disposal guidelines.

We will continue to efficiently and environmentally cautiously manufacture solvent based paints for as long as our markets require. We understand that some applications continue to require the aggressive properties offered only in solvent coatings, yet we also declare to continue our extensive R & D so that we again can offer a parallel water based alternative.

Please contact our sales or technical representatives for further information on coatings to suit your application.