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OEM Automotive

Sherwin-Williams (Australia) have extensive experience in the Automotive Industry. Our paint systems are approved to OEM specifications for major producers such as TOYOTA, GM, FORD, HOLDEN, MITSUBISHI and HSV. Our paint systems are tested and approved to Australian and World specifications as listed below.


TSH 3130 G - Paint Quality for Interior Parts. (Classes 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A & 2B)

TSH 3131 G - Coating Quality for Exterior Parts.

TSH 3111 YG - Coating Quality of Paints for Plastic Parts. (Classes 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C & 2D)

To discuss which paint system is suitable for your application - dependent on specification, substrate, application and finish required please contact our sales representatives.

We have highlighted the product benefits of our leading OEM Automotive primers, 1K and 2K coatings below.


HN 1602 - Paint for Interior Plastic Parts.

HN 1108 - Paint on Exterior Metal and Plastic Parts.

HN 1664 - Base Coat/Clear Coat Enamel for Exterior Plastic Parts.

HN 1687 - Top for Chrome Plate, Exterior Applications.

HN 2184 - Paint – Engine Cover, Plastic Substrate.

GENERAL MOTORS – World Performance Specification (W series)

GMW 14867 - Performance Requirements of Paints on Interior Plastic Substrates.

GMW15520-C - Interior Paint. Sunscreen Lotion Resistant for TPO and Polypropylene

GMW15516-C - Interior Paint. Sunscreen Lotion Resistant for ABS. ABS/PC and PC

GMW15542-C - Sunscreen Lotion Resistant Interior Paints for Laser Etch and Basecoat/Clearcoat Applications

GMW15543-C - Sunscreen Lotion Resistant Interior Metallic Paints for Laser Etch and Basecoat/Clearcoat Applications


ESX 71226 - Painting – Flexible Plastics (Classes A, A1, B & B1)

ESX 71222 - Painting – Hard Thermoplastic Plastics (Classes PD-0, PD-1. PD-2 & PD-3).